Receive your eyebrow transplant at Nordic Hair Clinic

  • We use FUE technique, which is the most modern and safe technique for eyebrow transplants.
  • We have extensive experience and are specialists in hair transplants.
  • Before each eyebrow transplant, we conduct a free consultation with the customer to go through the prerequisites and expected results.

Different shapes of eyebrows

Illustration thick angled straight brow
Straightly angled
Illustration rounded eyebrow
Illustration sharply angled brow
Sharply angled
Illustration angled eyebrow with a curve
Angled with a curve

Transplantation to achieve fuller eyebrows

If you have very thin eyebrows, or have lost your eyebrows, you can replace them through the help of a transplant. Many start, for example, plucking their eyebrows at a very young age, which causes damage to the hair follicles in the eyebrows. This results in the hair growth deteriorating and then completely ceasing after a number of years, to leave behind thin eyebrows. To achieve thicker and fuller eyebrows, an eyebrow transplant may be required.

Woman gets eyebrow marked for an eyebrow transplant

What to consider with an eyebrow transplant

Hairs have slightly different structures depending on where on the head they grow. Often the hairs are slightly darker at the nape of the neck than the front of the scalp and it is important to consider this before an eyebrow transplant.

Normal eyebrows rarely grow longer than 10 mm while the regular hair on the head can become up to a meter long. This means that the “new” transplanted eyebrows will need to be trimmed occasionally.

Sometimes the new hairs that we put into the eyebrow grow a bit astray. Normally this corrects after a few months and the hairs become straight. It is possible to remove the hair that has grown crooked at a later time.

Many people have very fine hairs in the eyebrows but can also have coarse and hard hairs that grow on the head.

In a consultation before your eyebrow transplant, we will discuss your specific conditions and expected results.

Eyebrows straight after eyebrow transplant

Frequently asked questions about eyebrow transplants

How often can I trim my eyebrows?

The transplanted hair grows as normal with about 1 cm a month. Therefore, we recommend trimming your eyebrows 2 times a week for a nice and natural result.

Can I have an eyebrow transplant if I have a permanent eyebrow tattoo?

Yes, you can, but remember that the shape of your tattoo could decide the shape of the new eyebrows as these must be covered.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a hair transplant depends primarily on how large of a surface is to be transplanted and how many grafts are needed to fill that surface. Our price list will give you a general idea of what it can cost, but to get a full estimate of your hair specifically, we need to examine your hair during a consultation. All consultations are free at Nordic Hair Clinic. You can also send your images through an online consultation and an expert will look at your specific case and we will get back to you with what it may cost.

How can I fund my hair transplant?

We have a partnership with Medical Finance. There you can receive interest-free credits up to 50 000 and a payment plan of up to 24 months.