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Hair transplantation to hide scars

Most types of scars can be hidden with a hair transplant by taking grafts(groups of hair follicles) from the neck and moving them to the area with scar tissue.

In each case, we assess the scar and determine the number of grafts that need to be moved.

This and a review of your circumstances will take place during one of our free consultations.

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Do your hair transplant to cover scars at Nordic Hair Clinic

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Experience and expertise

We are specialists in the field and have extensive experience in hair implants and hair transplantation. We use FUE technology - the most modern and safe hair transplant technique.

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Free consultations

We always offer free consultations. We'll take care of you. Four post-treatments with PRP (value 10 000 :-) are included in the price of all hair transplants.

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PRP is included in the price

Four post-treatments with PRP (value 10 000 :-) are included in the price of all hair transplants. PRP speeds up the healing process and stimulates hair growth.

Different types of hair transplants that cover scars:

Example areas

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Scars after the FUT technique

It is common for us to receive patients who want to correct old scars on the neck. It may be scars from hair transplants with older and inferior technology, which have created scars in the donor area.

It is never possible to completely hide the scars by moving hair follicles to the scar tissue, but in almost all cases it is possible to significantly reduce the characteristic white scar. In some situations, we also pigment the scar tissue to soften the light appearance of the scar tissue.

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Scars after injuries and accidents

People with burn scars or scars from other accidents are not uncommon at Nordic Hair Clinic. We often manage to perform hair transplants with good results on these types of scars.

A proper medical consultation is needed to assess what the outcome will be. The consultation is always free of charge when you come to us.

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Congenital scars

Some people may have congenital scars or bald patches where hair is missing. This can be on the hair on your head, in your beard or on your eyebrow. These areas can vary in both size and number.

To determine what corrections are possible, we always recommend a consultation to examine these areas.

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