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Thin hair or hair loss? We are specialists in hair transplantation and injection treatments with stem cells for hair and skin. You can find our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Istanbul.

Nordic Hair Clinic is leading the Swedish market of PRP and hair transplants

We solve hair and skin related problems everyday through safe and effective methods. Our head office is in Stockholm and we also have clinics in Gothenburg, Malmö and Istanbul. With scientifically developed methods and modern technique, we help our clients with their hair related issues.

Tell us how we can help you
  1. Book a free consultation
    We will examine your hair and inform you what treatment is recommended for you.
  2. Treatment
    Now the process starts to wake up your hair follicles. It takes time for the hair to grow back.
  3. Follow up
    We will follow up on how your hair has developed after your treatments and compare before and after pictures.

Hair loss after Corona

At Nordic Hair Clinic we meet many patients who have lost hair after recovering from Corona (covid-19). Some of them have lost a lot of hair. It’s a fact that everyone has a hard time losing hair and feeling thin-haired.

If you are one of those who suffer from hair loss after Corona, then you can remain calm. There is help at your disposal. PRP-treatments help, if you have had hair loss, as the treatments increase hair growth. That way, you can regain your hair.

Book a free consultation and we will help you if you have lost hair because of Corona!

Customer testimonials

Patient Pages

“ Do you want to know more about how a hair transplant works? On our Patient Pages you can follow the whole process yourself. Watch videos, see pictures and interviews from other patients. ”
"When I woke up the day after the hair transplant, I wanted to go out without a hat on for the first time. Sean Banan always has a hat. I got such a boost."
Sean, 33
Sean Banan before his hair transplant
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