Hereditary hair loss

The single most common cause for losing hair is genetics. Some people’s genes are coded for hair loss to start at a young age, while there are people in their 70s who have retained most of their hair. Regardless, male hair loss is a natural process, but there are very good options for treatment if this starts in time.

Heredity may skip a few generations and show up much later. So just carrying the gene for hair loss does not mean you will start losing hair.

Illustration of how hair loss is genetically coded


DHT causes body and facial hair to start growing on men and the hormone is important for reaching sexual maturity. Later in life, however, the same androgens (mainly DHT) cause the hair follicles to shrink.

The longer the hair follicle is exposed to DHT, the smaller it gets, while the hair grows shorter and thinner. DHT also makes the hair enter the dormant phase faster, which means that the hairs get thinner and shorter and fewer. These factors taken together make for a noticeable thinning of the hair.


Other causes of hair loss may be disease, intense stress during an extended period of time, poor diet, vitamin deficiency, or hormone disorders. The hair follicles place themselves in the dormant phase as a self-defense mechanism during stressful periods of time, but the hair is still attached to the head. Several months later, the dormant hair follicles release the hair and then you may lose a lot of hair in a short period of time.

As with DHT, it is possible to treat and prevent these causes if discovered in time.

More about the hair loss process

Hair loss is a slow process where the hair follicle shrinks during an extended period of time. If the hair follicle shrinks, it can no longer produce an equally strong hair as before. The hair grows thinner and thinner the more the hair follicle shrinks, and the hair grows slower. If this process continues during any length of time, the hair will eventually fall out.

This is a natural process that occurs naturally in the body as we age. For some people, this process is genetically coded to start at an early age, while others will not start losing hair until much later in life.

Illustration hair follicle shrinks and hair falls off after a while