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Hair transplantation in Turkey

(Please note that we are currently not offering any services in our clinic in Istanbul. Instead, we are happy to welcome you to our Swedish clinics in Stockholm, Guthenburg and Malmö.)

We have been working for many years with hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey. With extensive knowledge of the industry, we can offer full control and ensure the absolute best standard for you as a customer.

We offer the same high quality of results at all our clinics whether you choose one of our clinics in Sweden or Turkey. The difference is the price and the number of PRP treatments included. Here you can see prices for a hair transplant in Sweden.

We recommend that you first visit us for a free consultation at one of our clinics in Sweden. During the consultation, we will discuss your circumstances and possibilities.

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Travel with us!

When you are having a hair transplant in Istanbul, one of us will always go down to Turkey with you. We will be with you during your procedure and make sure you feel safe and comfortable during your time at the clinic.

We are always available for questions and any other kind of help you might need during your time in Istanbul. We are there for you.

Hair transplant price Turkey: 25 000 kr

Price for a hair transplant Turkey - what is included?

  • Consultation and booking of hair transplantation at one of our hair clinics in Sweden
  • Three nights in a hotel
  • Transport between airport, hotel and clinic
  • 1 PRP treatment at the clinic in Istanbul
  • You book your own flights but we help you find suitable times

Frequently asked questions and answers

Hair transplant in Istanbul

What is the difference between a hair transplant in Istanbul and in Sweden?

A hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul will give you exactly the same results as a hair transplant at one of our clinics in Sweden, as the same staff will perform the procedure. It also includes a PRP treatment.

The price level is the main difference, as well as the number of PRP post-treatments included and the practical aspect of the procedure.

In Istanbul, the staff speak English instead of Swedish, you have time to relax in a hotel and time to discover the wonderful city of Istanbul. If you do your hair transplant in Sweden, it costs more, but you can rest at home instead. In Sweden, the price also includes four PRP treatments.

What is included in the price of a hair transplant in Istanbul?

The trip includes 3 nights at a 4-star hotel in a central location and between the airport and the hotel.

After your hair transplant, a free follow-up and a post-treatment with PRP at one of our clinics in Sweden is also included.

How many PRP treatments are included in the price?

After each hair transplant in Istanbul, we offer 1 free PRP treatment at one of our clinics in Sweden.

If you want more PRP treatments in the field of transplantation, these cost 2 500 SEK per treatment.

What languages do the staff in Istanbul speak?

Our staff in Istanbul are fluent in Turkish and English.

How far is it from the clinic to the hotel?

The hotel is centrally located and the clinic is in the same building as the hotel.

What do I need to think about before the trip?

It is important to check the expiry date of your passport. To enter Turkey, your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of your return. If you have a shorter period of validity, you risk being refused entry.

Also make sure you have access to a visa.

You may also be refused entry if you are travelling with a broken passport. Provisional passports and alien’s passports are not accepted for entry into Turkey.

Can I bring a companion on the trip?

You absolutely must! Många väljer att ta med sig en släkting eller vän för att få stöd, men också för att uppleva Istanbuls vackra stad tillsammans med någon annan.

The flight ticket for the group is not included and is paid for by the group.

Is it easier to get an infection because you are in a warm country?

The risk of getting an infection is very low despite the heat, and after the hair transplant you will also be given antibiotics as a preventative measure. As long as you don’t put your head against dirty surfaces, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Does the trip home affect the swelling after the transplant?

The cabin pressure on the aircraft can cause the swelling to go up but it usually subsides after a day or two.

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