Cookie Policy

Last updated: 2019-03-29

Cookies are a collective term for various technologies (such as web beacons) that collect data to improve and personalise the visitor experience on a website. Cookies are used in a variety of areas such as identifying specific users, storing information about engagements on the site or collecting other types of information.

Nordic Hair Clinic uses various types of cookies, including:

  • Session cookies, which are temporary cookies that expire when you close your browser or application.
  • Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on your device until you delete them or they expire.
  • First-party cookies set by the website you are visiting.
  • Third-party cookies set by third-party sites.

To read more about how Nordic Hair Clinic handles your personal data, please navigate to the Privacy Policy.


How does Nordic Hair Clinic use cookies?

Nordic Hair Clinic may use cookies and other related technologies mentioned below for various purposes such as:

  • Learning how our services and products are used and other analytical purposes.
  • Analysis of how visitors integrate with our advertising.
  • Understanding of how we can improve the performance of our applications.
  • Customise and map relevant content for you as a visitor.
  • Offer you a more relevant range of advertising.
  • Prevent fraud.


What kind of cookies and other technologies does Nordic Hair Clinic use?

As described below, Nordic Hair Clinic uses varied range of different techniques to improve our products towards you. When you visit and use one of our platforms, you automatically give Nordic Hair Clinic permission to use these technologies in relation to you.


What cookies do we collect and for what purpose?

  • Cookies necessary for functionality such as contact forms and online booking.
  • Analytics cookies that provide aggregate analytical information relating to your use of our services. Information on integration with the platform both overall and at user level.
  • Functional cookies that enable Nordic Hair Clinic to save settings such as language selection or whether we should save your pre-filled data.
  • Security cookies that provide security around the data you leave on our applications. These help detect fraud and protect your data.
  • Advertising cookies, collect information about your activities on our platforms so that we can deliver relevant ads in third-party channels such as search engines, social media and ad networks.


How can you access the cookies used?

The browser you use allows you to change the settings for the use of cookies on websites. In your settings, you can learn more about how to adjust these settings. You can choose to block all cookies or accept only first-party cookies, and also choose to delete them when you close your browser.

Please note that if you block cookies, you prevent the functionality of our website and therefore things may not work.


Website manager

The Nordic Hair Clinic Group companies are jointly responsible for the website and its content. The contact details of our company within the Group can be sent to

Nordic Hair Clinic is registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office under the name PRP Kliniken Sverige AB with registration number 556990-6554 and has its registered office at Kungsholmsgatan 10, 112 27 Stockholm. The Nordic Hair Clinic Group consists of the subsidiary NHC Göteborg AB with registration number 559057-8265 and Nordic Hair Istanbul, based in Istanbul, Turkey.