Aftercare of a hair transplant

Here you can find information on what to consider before your hair transplant, as well as how to take care of the area after surgery. Aftercare is as important as the performance of the hair transplant itself.

It is important that the newly transplanted area and the donor area of the neck are properly cared for to give you the best result you can get and to reduce the risk of infection.

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Hårtransplantation nordic hair clinic


You will receive a bandage on the donor area after your hair transplant to protect the area. Find out when and how to take this off.

How to remove the bandage
Hårtransplantation nordic hair clinic


It is important that you sleep properly the first few days after your hair transplant.

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Hårtransplantation nordic hair clinic


To avoid infection, you must wash the newly transplanted area.

How to wash your hair
Hårtransplantation nordic hair clinic


You will receive medication after your hair transplant. Find out more about the medicines you are given and how to use them here.

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