Beard transplant

Do you want a thicker and denser beard? Then a beard transplant is right for you.

For a beard transplant, we use the well-known FUE technique. The technique involves removing one hair follicle (graft) at a time from the back of your neck and placing it in the area where you want a thicker beard.

Already after 3-4 months the beard has started to grow and looks thicker. Optimal results are achieved after 12 months when the hair follicles have reached full growth rate and the hair strands have reached full thickness.

The beard transplant is performed at one of our clinics in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö or Istanbul.

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Experience and expertise

We are hair specialists with extensive experience in beard transplants. We use the FUE technique - a modern and safe technique for transplanting hair.

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Free consultations

During the consultation before your beard transplant, we discuss your conditions and expected results.

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Four PRPs are included in the price

Four post-treatments with PRP (value 10,000 :-) are included in the price of all beard transplants. PRP speeds up the healing process and stimulates hair growth.


Important before your transplant

Things to consider when transplanting a beard

The hair on the back of your neck can sometimes be a different colour to your beard. Most commonly, the beard is slightly darker.

In some cases, the shape of the hair strand may also differ. For example, you may have a curly beard while the hair on your head is straight. These differences need to be considered before proceeding with the procedure as they make a big difference to the outcome.

We will go through this during your free consultation.


What shape do you want?

The Beard Line

How the beard line should look is up to you to decide.

A natural beard line doesn’t usually have straight or sharp lines, it’s something you shave into. The shape of your beard and the height of your beard line are of course very important as together they create the shape of your face.

Some choose to have their beard line a little straighter while others place it higher up with a softer shape. It is often placed higher in order to have the option to straighten a straight line while maintaining a more natural look if desired.



PRP treatment for your beard

PRP helps the hair follicle to start producing a strand of hair more quickly after it has been transplanted. It also stimulates the healing of the transplant area and makes it heal faster.

With a beard transplant, you can expect a final result after 12 months. A PRP treatment for your beard speeds up the process and makes the healing process more manageable.

If you do your beard transplant in Sweden, 4 PRP treatments are included in the price you pay for your procedure. If you do your beard transplant in Turkey, 1 PRP treatment is included.

Read more about PRP

Questions and answers about beard transplantation

Who can do a beard transplant?

Most people can have a beard transplant. It all depends on your circumstances and preferences.

The number of grafts(hair follicles) needed will be determined during the consultation when we review the area to be covered and how much hair is already growing on the cheeks. We take hair from the neck in the first place, but also from the chest if necessary.

How much does a beard transplant cost?

The price of a beard transplant depends on how many grafts (hair follicles) you wish to move in order to get your expected result. The price of a beard transplant also varies depending on whether you have it in Sweden or Turkey.

The price for a beard transplant in Sweden is from 25 000 SEK.

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How much does a beard transplant cost?