What do we do during a consultation?

We usually say that 80% of the result depends on the consultation.

Now of course it is difficult to quantify such a claim but we simply mean that consultation is a fundamental part of our treatments.

It is important for us to get an idea of what the client wants and to go through the medical conditions that exist in each individual case.

It is equally important for you as a customer to have an idea about us.

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Step by step

1. Health declaration

When you come to the clinic, you will be asked to fill in a health declaration, which we will then review. For example, you will be asked if you are taking any special medication or have recently taken medication that may affect the healing process.

2. Oral briefing

As a client, you can tell us about your problem and your hopes for a possible treatment. We’ll go over what the past year has looked like and whether anything special has happened that might have caused the hair loss.

3. Examination with the microcamera at PRP

We examine the scalp with a microcamera to determine the status of the hair follicles. We can see approximately how many hairs are growing in each hair follicle group and if there is life in most of the hair follicles.

If there is life in the hair follicles, there is a greater chance that a PRP treatment will give good results.

4. Examination during a hair transplant

We go through your wishes and examine the donor area. What the sensor area looks like is important to know what is possible to perform. Scars, warts and other skin lesions must be checked before a hair transplant and if you have eczema or psoriasis.

We’ll also go over what type of hairline would work best based on how your muscle attachment sits. If you want to get acquainted with what your new hairline might look like, we can draw it for you and you can see yourself in the mirror.

5. Discussion of options and our recommendations

Hair loss is very individual. What the cause is and how far along in the hair loss process you are will determine the results you can achieve.

Our video booking form allows you to attach several images and get a preliminary assessment, but a detailed recommendation requires an appointment.

Sometimes we feel that the customer’s expectations cannot be met and we turn them down. All these factors together are the reason why we offer free consultations.

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