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Hair transplantation for women

A hair transplant involves transplanting hair follicles to fill in bald areas on your head where you want more hair growth or have thinning hair.

The most common areas to transplant hair as a women are the temples – usually to lower the hairline or even out the hairline. Sometimes there is another area that needs to be treated.

For hair transplants in women, we extract hair follicles from the neck as these are genetically encoded not to be affected by hereditary hair loss.

We offer free consultations where we examine your hair, go through your conditions and ensure that the transplant meets your expectations.

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  • We are specialists with long experience in hair transplants for women and adjusting female hairlines.
  • We always offer free and unbiased consultations.
  • We'll take care of you. Four post-treatments with PRP (value SEK 10 000 :-) are included in the price of all hair transplants.
  • We use the FUE technique - a modern and safe technique with natural results.
  • Four post-treatments with PRP (value SEK 10 000) are included in the price of our hair transplants. These speed up the healing process and stimulate hair growth.


We always start with a consultation

A consultation is a fundamental part of our treatments. It is important for us to get an idea of what you want to get out of your hair transplant and to go through the medical conditions that exist in each individual case. Moreover, it is equally important for you to get an idea about us.

As you pay per graft extracted and transplanted, it is important that we examine your hair to see what options you have.

Consultations are carried out at one of our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. If you live far away, you can also have a video consultation.

Our consultations are always free of charge and unbiased.

What do we do during a consultation?


The feminine hairline

Before your transplant, we’ll go over what you want your new hairline to look like. We draw the hairline and you can reflect on the shape in the mirror.

The naturally feminine hairline is quite straight with soft curves at the temples. It doesn’t usually change much with age, but usually stays the same over the years.

In some women, however, it creeps up a bit with age.

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Transplantation with the FUE technique

At Nordic Hair Clinic, we transplant your hair using the FUE technique. It is a proven technique that gives a natural result.

The FUE technique involves picking groups of hair follicles from your donor area, creating channels in the area where the hair follicles will be transplanted and then placing the hair follicles there.

How does the procedure work?


Hair follicles and donation area

In the world of hair transplantation, the term graft is often used. This is the term for the hair follicle groups extracted from the donation area.

For women, the donation area is always the neck as the hair follicles there are genetically encoded not to be affected by hereditary hair loss. It’s also an area that’s easy to hide for those with longer hair.

For a hair transplant, you pay per number of grafts taken from your donation area. During a consultation you will receive an estimate of this.

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Aftercare with PRP included in the price

For all hair transplants in Sweden, four PRP treatments are included in the price. We always recommend our customers to undergo these.

PRP helps the healing of the transplant area while stimulating hair growth.

After a hair transplant, we usually do not see the final result until about 12 months have passed. However, with the help of PRP, hair growth can be accelerated. The result is also finer.

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What does a hair transplant for women cost?

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Frequently asked questions and answers

How can I finance my hair transplant?

We have a partnership with Medical Finance. You can get interest-free credit of up to SEK 50,000 and a repayment plan of up to 24 months.

How long is the healing process after a hair transplant?

The most critical time is the first 2-3 days when the area is at its most sensitive. The first week you should be extra careful.

After 2 weeks it is okay to start practicing, but you should still be a little careful with the sun and be vigilant so that the transplanted hair is not scratched.

After 3 weeks, you can generally do most everyday things, but avoid things like kicking a football, wearing a helmet or shaving with a razor.

We are always on hand to answer questions about aftercare.

Is hair transplantation permanent?

Yes, a hair transplant is the only permanent solution for hair loss. The hair follicles we move are genetically coded to stay put for life.

Do you offer hair transplants to pregnant or breastfeeding women?

No, Nordic Hair Clinic does not offer hair transplants to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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