Håravfall av PCOS

Hair loss from PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in women who have cysts on their ovaries. The body produces unusually high levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone.

PCOS is a syndrome in women with ovarian cysts. The body produces unusually high levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, which leads to several symptoms. The various symptoms of PCOS include missed or irregular periods, excessive body hair, infertility, difficulty getting pregnant or hair loss in the temples.

The reason why women with PCOS suffer from hair loss at the folds (which is typical hair loss for men) is due to the increased production of the male sex hormone.

For women affected by female pattern baldness, we recommend booking a free consultation with us. You’ll meet with one of our hair specialists who will examine your hair and suggest a course of treatment. We offer treatments such as PRPand hair transplantation for hair loss.

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