PRP treatment

PRP treatment is a natural and easy treatment for hair loss and baldness, as well as for wrinkled, sun-damaged, and scarred skin. Treatment means that plasma with growth factors from your own blood is injected into the skin or the scalp.

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Advantages of PRP

PRP is a completely natural treatment with no side effects whatsoever. We use the patient’s own body to improve skin or hair. There is no risk of allergies or other complications as all the material we inject comes from the patient.


  • Simple treatment that only takes about 45 minutes.
  • Easy and free of side effects.
  • A treatment that is 100% natural.

How does a treatment work?

A PRP treatment is performed in a couple of different ways depending on whether you are treating the skin or the hair. The main difference is that for skin treatments we always apply a numbing cream 45 minutes before starting the treatment. We also offer numbing cream for hair treatments, but many patients decide to go without.

A treatment takes approximately 45 minutes. If you want numbing cream, this will add another hour to the treatment time.

Kvinna gör PRP för att få tillbaka hårtillväxten

A treatment always starts with a consultation

Before we begin any treatment, it’s always important to first have a consultation. During a consultation, we determine which treatment will work best for you and your hair. Everyone has different hair conditions. It is important for us to gain an understanding of the results you expect, and to examine your hair in order to estimate which results are reasonable to expect based on you and your hair. Our consultations are always free.

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What to consider before your treatment

Avoid omega-3
Do not take pills with omega-3 and do not eat food rich in omega-3 fats, such as fish and avocado, for 3 days prior to your treatment. Omega-3 is an anticoagulant and makes bruising easier.

Drink water
Drink plenty of water before your treatment. If you are dehydrated, it is more difficult to draw your blood.

Do not eat Ipren
Ibuprofen is an anticoagulant. Therefore, avoid taking it for 48 hours before your treatment. Painkillers that include paracetamol are fine.

A cyringe filled with blood plasma is injected into scalp

Frequently asked questions about PRP

What are the side effects of a PRP treatment?

The treatment is safe and natural as it is your own blood being used. There may be some redness that appears right after the treatment but it disappears within a couple of hours. You can go back to your everyday activities immediately after the treatment.

When can I expect results of a PRP hair treatment?

We recommend doing 3-4 treatments with 4 weeks in between. After that, we do a follow up after an additional 2 to 3 months and by then the new, stronger hair will have had time to grow out.

Should you wash your hair before PRP treatment?

You do not have to have washed your hair before treatment, but it can make it easier for the nurses to perform the treatment if you have clean hair. It is important that you refrain from using products like Toppik, hair wax or hair gel which can restrict the nurses from performing the treatment.

What activities should I avoid after a completed PRP treatment?

The treatment does not hinder you from carrying out your normal activities directly after a session. We usually recommend not washing your hair for about an hour in order to allow the plasma to settle properly.

Does one PRP treatment last you your whole life?

PRP is not a permanent solution. Losing hair is something most people do, and PRP helps slow it down and stimulate new growth. How efficient it is and how long it lasts varies from person to person since everyone has different conditions to begin with. In order to get a correct assessment of your hair, we recommend scheduling a free consultation.

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