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"I have already noticed tremendous results"

Published: 2021-12-16

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Jonna, 31 years old

Jonna works as a hairdresser and heard about Nordic Hair Clinic from one of her clients. She decided to try a PRP treatment for her own hair because the results she had seen in the past with her clients who had PRP were very good. In her professional role, she wanted to try a PRP treatment herself and see if it really worked.

– I have already noticed tremendous results and have now had three treatments in three months. I have quite curly hair and in the end I couldn’t get my hair down with my hairdryer at all. Now I also notice that I have much more hair in places where I didn’t have much at all before.

Jonna now recommends PRP treatments for her clients’ hair on a daily basis

The familiar treatment at the clinic and Jonna’s own positive results have led her to recommend PRP treatments to her clients on a daily basis. She recommends women who have lost hair after breastfeeding to come for a consultationat Nordic Hair.

Jonna is very satisfied and happy that she can help her customers who have problems with their hair. The best thing is the feeling of being able to promote something that I have actually tried myself and that has given such great results.

In addition to her regular job, Jonna also runs a podcast where Nordic Hair Clinic’s CEO Maggie Stolt shares her thoughts on PRP. Listen to the episode.

Nordic hair clinic

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