What happens during a consultation?

1. Health declaration

When you visit us for a consultation you will start with completing a health declaration. We need to know if you are healthy or if you have had any illnesses that may impact the hair growth and a potential hair transplant.

If you have eaten certain kinds of medications it may have an impact on hair growth and a potential transplant. All medical details are important prior to the procedure to ensure its success.

Digital health declaration on iPad

2. Your desires

Firstly, we need to know what it is you want to achieve. Do you want to lower the hairline, cover the inlets or improve the thickness at the crown or middle part? Do you want to improve your eyebrows maybe – both guys and girls make them thicker and denser.

When do you want to undergo the procedure? In the summer or the winter – what works best for you? The results will be just as good – it’s just about when in life it works best for you to be off for a week.

If you want to split the payment, we can help you through Medical Finance. Up to two (2) years interest free is a good option that a lot of people uses.

Male patient examines hair in mirror

3. Examination

We examine a variety of different details to find the best solutions for your hair transplant.
How good is your donor site at the neck? How many hairs can we move? Do your grafts consist of single, double or triple hair? Do you have swirls in your hair and what direction is the hair growing – all to ensure a natural result.

If you have eczema or psoriasis it is important that we examine this. Scars, warts or other skin changes are important to examine so that we can take these under consideration during the hair transplant.

Patient gets hair examined during consultation

4. Draw the hairline

We can together draw the hairline in front of a mirror to explore different alternatives. We can then review what type of hairline you feel most comfortable with and decide on the best solution for you. You might already have a picture in your head of what you want it to look like.

This way you can get a better picture of what it might look like. After we have drawn the hairline you have a clear picture of what the results will be and what the new “You” will look like.

Male patient with drawn out hairline looks in mirror

5. Amount of grafts

When we have reviewed your desires and your conditions to determine what should be done, we do a final assessment when it comes to the amount of grafts – thereby also the cost of your transplant.

We normally do not do more than 4 000 grafts during the same procedure. Should you need a lot more we recommended that you two procedures approximately 6–9 months apart. All so that the eventual end result will be as good as possible for you.

Nurse holds an iPad and draws amount of grafts for transplantation area

6. Book the transplant

After the consultation we often recommend that you bring some information home and consider everything before you book the transplant. When you have decided to proceed you can contact use to view open appointment times, it is often at least one month’s wait, so it is good to book ahead should you have anything specific planned.

Person circles date in calendar