When transplanting hair to your head and deciding where to place your new hairline, you need to take into account where your muscle attachment is. By lifting your eyebrows, you can see how high up your muscles go.

When you do a hair transplant to lower your hairline, you can’t aesthetically put the hairline below your top muscle attachments.

Hence there is a limit to how low you can set your hairline, although visually it may look good to set a relatively low hairline, it can make your hair move when you talk or grimace.

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Masculine hairline

A male hairline usually has slight curves in at the temples or is a little more “boxy”.

How deep you want the curves to go usually depends on how old you are, as a natural hairline gets deeper with age.

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Feminine hairline

A female hairline is usually straighter or rounded to give a softer, more feminine shape to the face.

The female hairline doesn’t tend to change as much as the male hairline as you get older; it often stays the same, although it may recede slightly.

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Maximum size of a transplantation

For medical reasons, there are limits to how much hair transplantation you should do in a single procedure. One of the reasons is that the survival rate of grafts gets worse if the procedure lasts too long.

In addition to the medical reasons, sitting still for a long period of time is also difficult for you. In most of our clinics, we do no more than 3,500 grafts.

A transplant of 3,500 grafts can take up to 6 hours depending on whether you have difficult skin to work with or if you want to take more breaks.

It is practically possible to perform major hair transplants but we do not recommend it.

Maximum size of a hair transplantation for men

How large transplantation you can do on men usually depends on how good the quality of your donor area is.

Some people have larger areas of good grafts and others have smaller ones. This is an assessment we make here at the clinic when we review your circumstances.

In some cases, you have lost a lot of hair while still having an incredibly fine donor area. In other cases, we do a maximum procedure of 3,500 grafts and then schedule a second hair transplant at least 6 months later to fill in the rest.

Maximum size of a hair transplantation for women

A maximum sized procedure for women is often limited for visual reasons as most people want to be able to cover the shaved donor area.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, we usually don’t do transplants over 2,000 grafts. Apart from that, there are no medical differences between men’s and women’s maximum interventions.

Areas for hair transplantation

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