Hair transplant

Do you want to get back hair that you have lost or improve your hairline? Do you want to grow more hair on your head, get fuller eyebrows or a thicker beard? A hair transplant is a permanent solution for someone with thinning hair.

During a hair transplant, we move hair from an area rich in hair, to another area where you would like better hair growth. The hair that is moved is genetically coded not to fall out and is often times sourced from the back of the head, but you can also source it from other areas, such as from the chest.

Man gets hair line measured

Have your hair transplant at Nordic Hair

You will find our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Istanbul.

  • We have many years’ experience in transplanting hair and are specialized in the area.
  • We transplant hair with the FUE technique, a modern and safe technique.
  • We offer a complimentary consultation before the hair transplant.

What happens during the procedure?

A hair transplant is a procedure that requires time, careful planning and skill. Our hair technicians are the best in the business with many years’ experience with transplanting hair follicles. We work towards good results that look natural and we achieve this by technical skill and precision from our surgeons and hair technicians who possess great technical ability.

Hair follicles, called grafts in medical terms, are moved from your donor area to the area that is lacking in hair. This can be done on the head, the beard and the eyebrows. You can also fill in scars with a hair transplant.

Closeup female hair technician creates channels in transplantation area

A hair transplant always starts with a consultation

Hair specialist examines male patient's hair

A consultation is an essential part of our treatments. It is important for us to get an understanding of what you want to get out of your hair transplant, as well as go through medical prerequisites in every individual case. It is also as important for you as the client to get a feel for us. Our consultations are always free of charge.

Since you pay per extracted graft for a hair transplant, it is important that we can examine your hair and see what the possibilities are for you. Book a time for a consultation at our clinic in Stockholm or Gothenburg or, if you live far away, you can also send in photos of yourself through our online consultation.

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Have a hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul

Nordic Hair Clinic are the first in Scandinavia to open our own hair clinic in Istanbul. Here you can travel if you want to have a hair transplant for a cheaper price, but still want to feel the security of having your procedure at a clinic with the same high standards as in Sweden.

Before you book a time for a hair transplant in Istanbul, you need to come in for a consultation in one of our clinics in Sweden. Here you will meet one of our specialists who will inform you of the trip and we will go through your prerequisites. After a hair transplant, follow ups and PRP treatment takes place in one of our clinics in Sweden.

Before hair transplant the transplantation area is marked in the crown and hairline

Questions and answers about hair transplants

What is the difference between a hair transplant in Istanbul and one in Sweden?

If you have a hair transplant at our clinic in Istanbul, you will get the exact same result as you would if you had a hair transplant at one of our clinics in Sweden. It is the same staff that carries out the procedure. The largest differences are the price, the amount of PRP after-treatments, and the practical aspects in regard to travel. The staff speaks English rather than Swedish, you get the time to relax at a hotel, but also to explore the wonderful city of Istanbul. If you have your hair transplant in Sweden, it costs more, but you get to rest at home after the procedure.

Does the hair that's been taken from the back of the neck grow out again?

The hair that is transplanted from the back of the neck does not grow back. The transplantation itself entails the relocation of the entire hair follicle from the back of the neck and not just individual hairs. We usually extract hair follicles from a larger area on the back of the head so that the donor area is less noticeable. You will not completely lack a large section of hair on the back of your neck now that you have had a hair transplant. If your hair is very thin to begin with, however, the hair on the back of the head may feel thinner after the donor area has healed, especially if you choose to have a short hairstyle. Read more about the donor area here.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a hair transplant depends primarily on how large of a surface is to be transplanted and how many grafts are needed to fill that surface. Our price list will give you a general idea of what it can cost, but to get a full estimate of your hair specifically, we need to examine your hair during a consultation. All consultations are free at Nordic Hair Clinic. You can also send your images through an online consultation and an expert will look at your specific case and we will get back to you with what it may cost.

How soon will I be able to see the final results of the hair transplant?

Usually, you will see the full results of the procedure after 12 months. Hair grows at different rates for different people, however, so some people might see good results as soon as 6 months after the procedure. It is important to be patient when you do a hair transplant because it doesn’t happen overnight.

How long is the healing process after a hair transplant?

The most critical time is the first 2-3 days when the area is at its most sensitive. The first week you should be extra cautious. After 2 weeks it is okay to start exercising, but you should still be careful in the sun and make sure you don’t accidentally scrape the transplanted hair. After 3 weeks you can generally do most everyday things, but head butting a football, wearing a helmet, or shaving with an electric razor might be exceptions to that. We are always available for any questions about post-transplant aftercare.

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