Prices for our treatments

Here you can see all the prices and what is included in our treatments. In order to give a more precis price, we have to do a consultation where we review your needs and wishes.

PRP treatments for hair and skin

If you want to treat an optional area at the same time that you do your original treatment, it will be 1 500 SEK per area. For example, if you want to treat your face at the same time as you treat your hair, it will cost 4 300 SEK + 1 500 SEK.

Ikon PRP hair standard treatment area
Hair Standard - 4 300 SEK / treatment

We only treat the scalp at the top of the head. 3 tubes of plasma are taken from you.

Ikon PRP hair larger treatment area
Hair XL – 4 900 SEK / treatment

We treat two areas of the head. 4 tubes of plasma are taken from you.

Ikon PRP treatment mini only hairline
Hair Mini – 2 500 SEK / treatment

This treatment is for those who just want to treat the hairline.

Ikon PPR post hair transplant
After hair transplant – 2 500 SEK / treatment

For those who have had a hair transplant and want to treat the newly transplanted area. Treatment of the whole scalp is 1 000 SEK.

Ikon PRP hair beard treatment area
Beard - 4 300 SEK / treatment

During this treatment we treat the beard.

Ikon PRP skin face treatment area
Face – 4 300 SEK / treatment

We treat the entire face and finish it with an aloe vera face mask.

Ikon PRP skin neck treatment area
Neck – 4 300 SEK / treatment

The area around the neck is treated with PRP.

Ikon PRP skin chest treatment area
Décolletage – 4 300 SEK / treatment

We treat the area under the clavicles, on the chest.

Ikon PRP skin hand treatment area
Hands – 4 300 SEK / treatment

The hands are treated with PRP.

Dermapen & PRP 5 800 SEK / treatment

A PRP treatment on the skin, followed by Dermapen. Treatment areas include face, neck, hands and décolletage.

Dermapen 2 000 SEK / treatment

A Dermapen treatment on the skin. Treatment areas include face, neck, hands and décolletage.

Ikon PRP extra treatment area
Add an area – 1 500 SEK / area

For example, would you like to treat your face whilst treating your hair? Then you pay 1 500 SEK per extra area that you add.

Hair transplant at our clinics in Sweden

We offer hair transplants at our clinics in Stockholm and Gothenburg, where you can view all the prices and what they include.

You always get a free consultation before you decide to go through with any procedure as well as a free follow-up after your transplant. At our clinics in Sweden, there are always 4 PRP treatments included in your hair transplant.

1 500 GRAFTS 3 000 GRAFTS
39 000 SEK 53 000 SEK
2 000 GRAFTS 3 500 GRAFTS
45 000 SEK57 000 SEK
2 500 GRAFTS 4 000 GRAFTS
49 000 SEK61 000 SEK
How the hair naturally grows is drawn in transplantation area before hair transplant

Hair transplants at our clinic in Istanbul

By having our own clinic in Turkey we can provide full control and can ensure high standards. What differs from Sweden is the things around the transplant – such as speaking English instead of Swedish.

This is included in the price:

  • Consultation and bookings of procedures are made at the clinic in Sweden.
  • 3 nights at a 5-star hotel in central Istanbul, close to multiple shopping centre and restaurants.
  • Transport between, airport, hotel and the clinic.
  • 1 PRP treatment at the clinic in Sweden.
Price 25 000 SEK You book your own flight, but we will help you with suiting times etc.
Person waiting at airport with travel bag
The same procedure as a normal hair transplant but tailored just to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible.
From: 25 000 SEK
With the technology of today you can get the beard you always dreamt of, whether you want to make the beard fuller, cover a scar or just make a brand-new beard.
From 25 000 SEK


Nordic Hair Clinic offer the highest quality in all our treatments. However, it is difficult for us, and any company that perform hair transplants and PRP treatments, to give a guarantee on a transplant or PRP. Nordic Hair Clinic does not know what medication a particular patient is taking or will be taking in the future, what illnesses the patient has or will perhaps have. The clinic does not know if the patient smokes, which noticeably worsens the result of a hair transplant, and other details.

What we can guarantee on the other hand, is to always offer the best standard in treatments, consultations and follow-ups, and to always provide professional staff with the best training and the longest experience in the industry. This guarantees the very best result for every patient. We care about your hair and want you to get as good and natural results as possible.


We offer all patients finance support through

At Medical Finance, there is the possibility of taking loans up to 50 000 SEK, without interest, up to 2 years. If you have more questions about how this works or want to apply for a loan, you can click on the link above. Want to know more about our prices? Contact us and we will help you.


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