Prices for PRP treatments

Here you can see the prices for our PRP treatments. We usually recommend 3 PRP treatments to start with in order to activate hair growth. PRP can be performed both on hair and skin. You can also combine different areas during the same treatment.

PRP treatments for hair and skin

When treating an extra area on the same treatment occasion, there is an added cost of SEK 1 500 / area. For example, if you wish to treat your face together with your hair, this will cost SEK 4 300 + 1 500.

Ikon PRP hair standard treatment area
Hair Standard – 4 300 SEK / treatment

We only treat the scalp at the top of the head.
3 tubes of plasma will be drawn.

Ikon PRP hair larger treatment area
Hair XL – 4 900 SEK / treatment

We treat two areas on the head. 4 tubes of plasma are drawn.

Ikon PRP treatment mini only hairline
Hair Mini – 2 500 SEK / treatment

This treatment is for those who only want to treat the hairline.

Ikon PPR post hair transplant
After hair transplant - 2 500 SEK / treatment

For those who have gone through a hair transplant and want to treat the newly transplanted area. For treatment of the entire scalp, there is an additional fee of 1 000 SEK.

Ikon PRP hair beard treatment area
Beard - 4 300 SEK / treatment

For this treatment, we treat the beard.

Ikon PRP skin face treatment area
Face - 4 300 SEK / treatment

We treat the entire face and finish up with an aloe vera face mask.

Ikon PRP skin neck treatment area
Neck - 4 300 SEK / treatment

The area around the neck is treated with PRP.

Ikon PRP skin chest treatment area
Décolletage - 4 300 SEK / treatment

We treat the chest area below the collar bones.

Ikon PRP skin hand treatment area
Hands - 4 300 SEK / treatment

The hands are treated with PRP.

Dermapen & PRP - 5 800 SEK / treatment

We treat your skin with 3 tubes blood plasma and Dermapen. Includes face, hands, décolletage and neck.

Dermapen - 2 000 SEK / treatment

We treat your skin with Dermapen. Includes face, hands, décolletage and neck.

Ikon PRP extra treatment area
Add an area - 1 500 SEK / area

Treat another area while you’re treating another. You’ll pay 1 500 SEK for every extra area you add.

Consultation prior to a PRP treatment

Before you come in for a PRP treatment, it is important that you visit us for a consultation. The consultation is free.

We examine your hair or skin, review your requests, and discuss which type of treatment will be most suitable for you and which will give you the best result.

Woman has hair examined with micro camera at consultation

Guarantee for PRP

We offer top quality for all our PRP treatments. However, it is difficult to give any guarantees on an individual level since your results are tied to your personal circumstances. We at Nordic Hair Clinic cannot say what medication a certain patient is on or will be on in the future, which medical conditions the patient has or will suffer from, whether the patient smokes, or whether the patient has a vitamin deficiency or hormonal condition severe enough to counteract the positive effect of PRP.

However, what Nordic Hair Clinic can guarantee is to always, under all circumstances, provide the highest standard of treatments and follow-ups, and that our staff has the best education and experience within their field.

Female patient has blood plasma with growth factors injected into scalp by nurse for growth factors