Price for PRP-treatments

Here you will find prices for PRP-treatments for hair. We normally recommend 3 PRP-treatments as a start in order to stimulate the hair growth.

It is also possible to combine different areas at the same treatment session. The PRP price varies depending on which area you want to treat.

PRP-treatment for your hair.

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hårtransplantation områden

PRP Standard

4300 kr / treatment session (student/pensioner: 3200 kr)

We only treat the scalp at the top of the head. We will take 3 tubes of plasma.
hårtransplantation områden


4900 kr / treatment session (student/pensioner: 3800 kr)

We treat two areas on the head. We will take 4 tubes of plasma
Hårtransplantation resultat

PRP Mini

2500 kr / per treatment

This treatment is for those who only want to treat the hairline.

PRP beard

4800 kr / per treatment

During this treatment, we treat the beard.

When treating an extra area at the same time, there is an additional charge of 1 500 kr/area. If anesthesia is desired, there is an additional cost of 500 kr and an hour longer treatment time.

PRP treatments for those who have had a hair transplantation

PRP transplanted area

0 kr

After your transplant, three PRP treatments are included on the transplanted area as well as the donor area. The first after one week, the second after two weeks and the third together with the 12-month follow-up. You can also add the fllowing below:

PRP extended area - package deal

4 500 kr

When choosing extended area, the remaining parts of the scalp are also treated at the same time as the treatments included in your transplant.

PRP transplanted area - extra treatments

2500 kr / treatment

For those who have completed a hair transplant and want to do extra treatments on the transplanted area as well as the donation area.

PRP extended area - extra treatment

3 800 kr / treatment

For those who have undergone a hair transplant and want to do extra treatments on the transplanted area, the donation area and the remaining scalp.



Before you come for PRP treatment, it is important that you come to us for a consultation. The consultation is free of charge.

We examine your hair and go through your wishes. We also discuss which type of treatment is most suitable for you and which treatment will give you the best possible results.

How does a consultation work?

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Nordic Hair Clinic offers the highest quality in all our treatments. However, it is difficult for us, and all companies that perform hair transplants and PRP treatments, to give a guarantee on a transplant or PRP. Nordic Hair Clinic cannot know what medication a certain customer is taking or will take in the future, what diseases the customer has or will suffer from, if the customer smokes, which noticeably worsens the results of a hair transplant, etc.

What we can guarantee, however, is to always offer the best standard of treatments, consultations and follow-ups in all situations, and to always have staff with the best training and longest experience in the industry. This guarantees the very best result for each customer. We care about your hair and want you to get the best and most natural results possible. If you look good, we look good.


We offer all customers a solutions to finance their treatment through

At Medical Finance, it is possible to apply for a loan of up to 60 000 kr, interest-free for up to 2 years. For more questions about how the financing is done and to apply for a loan, visit Medical Finance.

Pricing - PRP-treatment

How much does a PRP treatment cost?

  • PRP Standard: 4 300 kr
  • PRP Mini: 2 500 kr
  • PRP XL: 4 900 kr
  • PRP after hairtransplantation: 2 500 kr
  • PRP for beard: 4 800 kr

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