Prices for hair transplantation

How much does a hair transplant cost? Here you can see hair transplant prices for our clinics in Sweden and at our clinic in Turkey, Istanbul.

For a more accurate price for your hair transplant, we recommend booking a free consultation with us.

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Hair transplantation in Sweden

Our price for a hair transplant in Sweden varies depending on your starting position and the number of grafts we transplant.

The consultation with us is always free of charge, regardless of whether you decide to have an operation or not. Follow-ups after your hair transplant are also free of charge.

  • Grafts


  • 1 000 grafts
    SEK 39 000
  • 1 500 grafts
    SEK 43 000
  • 2 000 grafts
    SEK 48 000
  • 2 500 grafts
    SEK 52 000
  • 3 000 grafts
    SEK 56 000
  • 3 500 grafts
    SEK 60 000

Included in the price

  • Hair transplant
  • Four treatments with PRP
  • Same price regardless of clinic in Sweden
  • Three follow-up sessions

Other areas

Beard transplant

From 25 000 kr

A beard transplant fills out the beard and makes it fuller. Grafts are taken from the neck or chest.

Hair transplantation for scars

Price after consultation

Grafts are taken from the neck and moved to the area of scar tissue. In each case, we make an assessment of the scar to get an accurate cost picture.
man genomgår konsultation inför hårtransplantation för män på nordic hair clinic

Hair transplant


In order to determine the price of your hair transplant, we always start with a free consultation. During the consultation, we will go through your personal circumstances, what results you want. and what you can expect.

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Nordic Hair Clinic offers the highest quality in all our treatments. However, it is difficult for us, and any company that performs hair transplants and PRP treatments, to give a guarantee on a transplant or PRP. Nordic Hair Clinic cannot know what medication a particular patient is taking or will take in the future, what diseases the patient has or will suffer from, whether the patient smokes, which significantly impairs the outcome of a hair transplant, and more.

What we can guarantee, however, is to always offer the best standard of treatments, consultations and follow-ups, and to always have staff with the best training and longest experience in the industry. This ensures the very best outcome for each patient. We care about your hair and want you to get the best and most natural results possible. If you look good, we look good.


We offer all patients solutions to finance their treatment through MedicalFinance.se

At Medical Finance it is possible to apply for a loan up to 50 000 SEK interest free for up to 2 years. For more questions about financing and to apply for a loan, visit Medical Finance.

Example of an interest-free instalment:

For a loan of SEK 50 000 with a 0% interest rate and a repayment period of 24 months, an administrative fee of SEK 45/month and a set-up fee of SEK 695, the APR is 3.45%.

Total amount to be reimbursed:51 775 SEK (2 157 SEK/month).