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"I felt it was time to do something about it"

Published: 2021-12-20

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Adam Farhoumand works as a broker in Stockholm and often has a very busy schedule. As stress is a major contributing factor to hair loss, he chose to visit us at Nordic Hair Clinic for three PRP treatments. In his profession, it is important to look handsome and he therefore feels that he would like to keep the hair on his head.

Adam came in contact with us at Nordic Hair Clinic through a referral. At first he was sceptical about whether the treatment would work, but that quickly changed. He saw results already after his second treatment and he feels that his hair has improved significantly, especially at the front of the hairline. Now he is waiting for further results as things continue to happen even after the third treatment.

He also describes the treatment as painless, although it felt a little uncomfortable at first.

Adam has never tried this type of treatment before, but now feels that he will definitely continue. He is completely open to trying this in other areas as well, such as the face.

He is more than happy to recommend PRP to people. He already has three acquaintances who have contacted him to ask if it works, which he says it does, and has asked them to contact us for a free consultation.

– If you feel that you have hair loss coming on, I think it’s something you should deal with right away. My advice to others is to start PRP in time, the conditions are much better then, says Adam.

He thinks the whole experience at Nordic Hair Clinic has been fantastic and he is super happy with the results and the service he has received.

– I, being very stressed, appreciate that there have never been any delays and if there have been any changes in the schedule, you are always out in good time. The photographer and the staff have been fantastic, I’m super happy,” says Adam.

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