Minoxidil against hair loss

Minoxidil is a medicine used to treat hair loss in both menand women.

It is usually sold under the brand name Rogaine.

You can buy the medicine without a prescription at the pharmacy. It comes in liquid or foam form.

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How does Minoxidil work against hair loss?

Minoxidil was initially used to treat high blood pressure, but when researchers discovered that one of its side effects was increased hair growth, it was also used to treat hair loss.

There is no exact explanation as to why the drug works against hair loss. The theory is that the area being treated receives more oxygen and nutrients, causing the blood vessels at the hair follicles to dilate and more hairs to be produced.

Minoxidil håravfall


How is Minoxidil used?

It takes some time before you see a clear result because hair growth is a slow process. Continuous use is required for the effect to be noticeable – twice a day for at least two months.

For optimal effect, the medicine must be taken every day. If the treatment is discontinued, the effect will cease within 3-4 months and the hair loss will return.

The drug can be used by anyone over the age of 18 who wants to treat early-stage hereditary hair loss.

läkemedel för män med tunt hår


Minoxidil for women and men

Minoxidil can be used by women to increase hair growth. Research has shown that the medication is effective in about 3 out of 5 women.

In men, it is common to treat and counteract hair loss or thinning with the medicine. In about 4 out of 5 men, hair loss is slowed and the majority of men who use the medicine also experience some form of hair regrowth.

en man med guttat psoriasis


Minoxidil for the beard

Many people who have a thin or patchy beard can use Minoxidil for their beard.

Minodixil Orifarm Forte is designed to treat beard growth and increase beard growth.

kvinna tar Minoxidil tillsammans med PRP


Minoxidil & PRP against hair loss

The combination of PRP and Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment we stand behind.

PRP contains the body’s own growth factors which, when injected into the scalp, stimulate stem cells around the hair follicle and cause them to expand.

As Minoxidil and PRP have a similar effect on hair follicles, the combination increases the chances of an effective treatment.

That’s why we recommend almost all our clients who do PRP treatments or take one of the drugs to also start with the default option.



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