Treatments against hair loss

There are several different treatments for hair loss or to make thin hair grow better. Should you lose all your hair, you can undergo a hair transplant.

Before we recommend a type of treatment, it is important that we meet for a free consultation.

During the consultation, we will examine your hair follicles with a microcamera and together we will decide which treatment is best for you.

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Hair transplant

If you have lost a lot of hair or want to lower an existing hairline, a hair transplant is required.

The hair that is moved is genetically coded not to fall off, making a hair transplant a permanent solution.

The transplanted hair follicles grow in place and the hair grows as usual.

A hair transplant is a treatment that involves moving hair, not literally curinghair loss.

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PRP treatment

If the hair has become thin or is not growing well, it can be treated with PRP, which are growth factors from the blood.

The treatment involves extracting concentrated growth factors and injecting them directly into areas in need of healing and stimulation.

When the growth factors are injected into the shrunken hair follicles, a host of positive reactions are triggered on the scalp. The stem cells receive signals to increase hair production, which means more building blocks for each hair.

PRP also creates more small blood vessels around the area to provide additional nourishment.

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medicin mot håravfall


As a complement to PRP treatment or a hair transplant, there are a few drugs to use.

There are currently only two approved medicines – Finasterideand Minoxidil. They work on 70% of customers but unfortunately have some side effects which the person taking the medication needs to be aware of.

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Shampoo and vitamins

There are no shampoos that make hair grow better! Regardless of what is written in the advertisement, there is no shampoo that penetrates the skin and stimulates hair growth.

However, a good shampoo can help hair that has already grown out to stay fine.

The same goes for vitamin supplements – they don’t help your hair grow better, but they can have some effect on its appearance.

People in Sweden rarely have vitamin deficiencies except for those with eating disorders or other forms of rare diseases.

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Other solutions

There are no other alternatives to treat hair growth problems.

Many companies sell products that don’t work, while others promise treatments that have no effect.

Some preparations and diets can help you get a fuller hair but will never be able to give you morehair.

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