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"I thought hair transplants were only for men"

Published: 2021-08-15

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Julia Franzén hårtransplantation

Julia Franzén, 31 years old

Julia Franzén noticed that her temples were starting to creep upwards and realised that she was getting her father’s hairline. When she was aimlessly scrolling on Instagram and saw that more women are correcting their hairline with us, Julia Franzén decided to have a hair transplant.

Juliahas a genetically high hairline and began to notice her temples creeping upwards with age. To even out her hairline, we filled her temples with 1,500 grafts.

Adjusting your hairline as a woman

Many women who come to us have congenital high folds or a high hairlinethat they want to correct. With the help of a hair transplant, we can correct your hairline.

Usually we make a rounder or straighter hairline than we do on men. This is because it is more natural for women to have a softer hairline than men.

Hair-refining technology for a natural result

Correcting a hairline is a procedure that requires time, care and skill. Thanks to our use of the well-known FUE technique and our long experience in hair follicle transplantation, you can always expect a natural result from us.

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Julia Franzén hårtransplantation

Join Julia Franzén for a hair transplant

– I’m not nervous about the procedure at all, it just feels really good to get it done,” says Julia.

After a consultation with Julia Franzén, we decided to fill her genetically high temples with 1,500 grafts.

The final result will be best seen in approx. 12 months. To speed up the healing process and give her hair an extra boost, Julia will also boost her hair with continuous PRP treatments.

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Julia Franzén hårtransplantation

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