Different techniques in hair transplantation

There are many different techniques for hair transplantation.

We at Nordic Hair Clinic have tried many things during our years as Sweden’s leading hair transplant clinic and have thus found what we think works best and gives the best results.

Here you can read about both the techniques we use today and those we have chosen not to use and why.


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The most common techniques


The FUE technique

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the two main techniques in hair transplantation. It involves extracting hair follicles by drilling them out of the back of the head/neck area with a hollow drill that either spins or vibrates into the skin.


It is then easy to pick out the hair follicles with tweezers and implant them in the desired area. The most common technique is to shave the donor area in the neck before removing the hair follicles, but the new technology’s drills have also made it possible to transplant longer hair.


At Nordic Hair Clinic we only perform the FUE technique for hair transplants. In some cases, we can also take hair follicles from areas other than the neck, such as the chest.

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The FUT technique

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is also known as the Strip technique and involves cutting out a strip of skin on the head and then stitching the area back together.


Then all the hair follicles are extracted from the piece of skin and transplanted to the desired area. A FUT transplant often leaves a very visible scar on the neck, forcing the patient to wear longer hair to hide the scar.


In addition, if the scar does not heal well, it can result in a large scar where no hair grows. It also makes it more difficult if the patient wants to do further transplants in the future.


The risks and the large scars that result after a transplant with the FUT technique mean that we at Nordic Hair Clinic do not perform these.


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Channels with razor blades

Transplanting the hair follicles to the desired area requires small channels where they can be inserted and where they can then grow in place. Traditionally, very narrow small razor blades are used, which the doctor attaches to a peang to get a good grip on it.


This is a very proven technique that is liked by many surgeons. It is also the technique we use almost exclusively at Nordic Hair Clinic.

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Channels with sapphire

A newer technique for creating channels to the hair follicles are instruments with sapphire “blades”. The sapphire is very hard and sharp and has the ability to create fine channels. For some patients, these can mean smoother and faster healing.


At Nordic Hair Clinic we have used these sapphire instruments in the past, but we almost never use them anymore as we don’t see any clear enough improvements.

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