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"The biggest change is my confidence."

Published: 2023-04-04

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Malte, 27 years

Malte from Copenhagen contacted us in 2021 as he desired a denser and more even beard growth. Said and done – we moved 2500 grafts from the back of his head and created the beard he had always dreamed of!

I have dense beard growth on the upper lip and chin, but it’s sparse on the cheeks. “I would like to have an even beard without patches,” Malte explains.

– “I did a lot of research before deciding to contact Nordic Hair Clinic,” Malte shares. What ultimately made the decision for me was seeing all the amazing before-and-after pictures and reading all the comments from satisfied customers,” Malte explains, adding, “I am incredibly pleased with my new beard. – The biggest change is my confidence and that my facial shape and jawline are more masculine now compared to before the transplantation, Malte reflects.

Follow Malte’s journey towards his dream beard in the player below!

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