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"Looking forward to styling my hair again"

Published: 2022-02-03

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Tommy needed to start taking testosterone after undergoing chemotherapy as a consequence of testicular cancer. Unfortunately, this led to his hair loss. A hair transplant was the only solution where Tommy could both keep his hair and continue taking testosterone.

Tommy, 35 years old

Five years ago, Tommy was diagnosed with testicular cancer. As a consequence, he had to take regular testosterone injections, which he still does today. Immediately after he started taking the hormone, he noticed that the coves were getting deeper and deeper.

Tommy has always been a bit obsessed with his hair. A hair transplant could bring that part of him back – something we see means a lot to him.

“I look forward to ruffle my hair with my hands and use a lot of hairspray”.


One week after the procedure

The aftercare of a hair transplant is critical. It is as important as the performance of the transplant itself. For best results, sleep sitting up for the first few nights, and follow a strict washing routine. The most important thing about how you choose to sleep is that the affected area does not come into contact with anything.

“Sleeping has been okay. I did the whole drill – I used a neck pillow, I used a back pillow. I even had my couch cushions on the sides. It worked great.”

Listen to Tommy’s interesting story and what his experience with us has been like!

More than just a hairstyle

After 15 years of treatments, we have learned a few things. Most of our clients who have a hair transplant don’t just get an improved hairline – they get an improved self-image. They don’t just take care of their hair loss – they also take care of their well-being. Hair is on the surface, but it’s the underlying feeling of feeling your best that actually matters.

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