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Correction of female hairline

A common misconception is that only men do hair transplants. That’s not true. Wanting to correct their hairline is common for many of our clients, regardless of gender.

For hair transplants in biological women, we extract hair follicles from the neck as these are genetically encoded not to be affected by hereditary hair loss.

Are you experiencing thinning hair or do you feel you want to change your hairline in some way? Come in for a free consultation where we will examine your hair and conditions for a potential hair transplant as a woman.

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Correcting a female hairline

We have many women who come to us to correct their hairline. Most often to fill in high temples, lower the hairline or even out their hairline.

Hair-refining technology for a natural result

Correcting a hairline is a procedure that requires time, care and skill.

Thanks to our use of the FUE method and our long experience in hair transplantation, you can always expect a natural result from us.

In FUE (Follicular Unit Exsicion), a microdrill is used to loosen the hair follicles in the donation area. The hair follicles are then picked out with a small pair of tweezers.

When everything heals, there are no marks or scars left, either in the area from which the hair follicles were taken or in the area to which the hair follicles were transplanted.

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Extra boost with PRP

When you have your hair transplant in Sweden, we include four PRP treatments in the price, giving your hair a proper extra boost.

PRP speeds up the healing process and causes your hair follicles to start producing both thicker and stronger hairs.

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What can a correction of the female hairline look like?

When we draw your hairline, we always start from your forehead muscles to give as natural a result as possible.

That’s why we pick thinner hairs for your hairline than we would if we were filling out the head of a man.

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Want to adjust your hairline?

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