Losing hair after pregnancy

Do you find that you lose a lot of hair after your pregnancy? Hair loss after pregnancy is common for many new mothers.

Many people get their hair back after pregnancy on their own – but it can take up to a year after giving birth.

Want to know how we can help you get your hair growth going after your pregnancy?


Why do you lose hair after pregnancy?

During a pregnancy, amounts of hormones are produced in the body and some of them have a positive effect on hair growth.

The hormones cause the hairs that would normally go into a resting phase and fall out to remain. Thus, you can experience that you get more hair and better hair quality during pregnancy.

After childbirth, hormone levels return to normal levels and the “extra” hairs that have remained fall out.

Therefore, many people may experience that they lose a lot of hair after a pregnancy.

The welcome but sometimes physically demanding life transition plus increased stress and limited sleep can further affect the hair and cause more and more hair loss.

That you lose hair after a pregnancy can therefore be due to stress and other reasons.

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Regain lost hair after pregnancy

Many people who experience that they lose a lot of hair after their pregnancy come to us for PRP hair treatments.

PRP is a natural treatment that uses the body’s own growth factors that stimulate hair growth.

Through a blood test, the body’s growth factors are extracted from the blood plasma.

These growth factors are then injected superficially into the scalp.

The treatment triggers the production of hair cells and increases the supply of nutrients to the area.

Existing hairs become stronger as they grow out and dormant hair follicles are brought to life. This slows down hair loss, which allows you as a new mother to get your hair back.

We help you restore your hair