alopecia universalis

Alopecia universalis - loss of all body hair

Alopecia universalis is an autoimmune disease that causes symptoms of hair loss all over the body.

The first sign is usually a patch of hair on the head.

The disease then progresses to hair loss of all hair on the body.

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Alopecia universalis

Cause and treatment

What causes alopecia universalis? Research has not been able to determine the cause of the disease.

As with all types of autoimmune diseases known as alopecia, this form also has a certain heredity.

The disease has no cure and there are currently no treatments for it.

Hair loss on the head, on the other hand, can be alleviated with PRP treatment. The treatment creates a mild and controlled trauma to the scalp that allows the disease to focus on healing the damage rather than attacking the hair follicles.

The growth factors contained in PRP contribute to increased hair growth, which gives the hairs a chance to start growing again.

Regrowth after alopecia universalis - how long does it take?

It is individual how long the regrowth of hair takes. For some people, it can take years to regain hair growth, but unfortunately, many people do not regain hair growth at all.

The regrowth rate on the head using PRP or microneedling is low, but it increases the chances of getting the hair back.

Are women and men affected differently?

Our experience at Nordic Hair Clinic is that more women than men turn to us for help with different types of alopecia.

There are no scientific studies showing that the disease affects the sexes differently or that one sex is more over-represented than the other.

universalis vs totalis

Universalis vs totalis

What is the difference?

Alopecia universalis and alopecia totalis are similar in that they are both autoimmune diseases that cause hair loss.

The difference between the diseases is that in totalis you lose hair only on your head, while in universalis you lose hair on your whole body.

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