What is a hair implant?

A common misconception is that hair implants are another word for hair transplants. This is partly true.

Organic implant means hair transplant but there is also something called artificial implant. An artificial implant uses artificial hairs.

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How much does a hair implant cost?

The price of an artificial implant is calculated in much the same way as for an organic implant. But instead of calculating the price per graft (hair follicle), the price is often set per hair.

An artificial implant is therefore more costly than transplanting your own hair.

Advantages & disadvantages

The main advantage of an artificial implant is that people who don’t have enough hair in the donor area (often the neck) can have the procedure anyway.

However, usually no more than 1000 hairs are transplanted, which is not enough to cover folds that have crept upwards, for example.

Also, because the transplanted hairs are artificial, they will not grow or change in appearance in the same way as a natural hair.

If you have the necessary conditions for an organic implant (a hair transplant), we therefore recommend this.

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