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"Ever since I was a teenager, I've wished there was something you could do about it"

Published: 2021-02-15

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hårtransplantation resultat

Camilla, 28 years old

She had felt bad about her high temples since her teens and had used various tricks to hide them. After discovering that there was a hair transplant method that allowed hair follicles to be moved from one place to another, Camilla began to seriously consider having a hair transplant.

– My problem has always been that I’ve had high temples, so I don’t suffer from hair loss. It’s the hairlinemy dad gave me. “Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve wished there was something we could do about it,” says Camilla.

A few years ago, Camilla started reading up on hair transplants. Then she only found information about a method called the strip method, where you take a piece of skin from the back of your head and use the hair follicles that are in the skin. Camilla felt it was a bit too extreme for what she was after. She wanted to avoid having to stitch the back of her head and getting a scar there. She felt she needed to think for a while longer about whether a hair transplant was the right way to go for her.

The FUE method was the solution

– A few more years went by until I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted to solve it. Then I started looking at hair transplants again and I discovered that there was another method, the FUE method. That’s when I felt that a hair transplant might be something for me,” says Camilla.

Camilla read reviews, toured several clinics and read our customer testimonials. In the end, it was her gut feeling that she listened to. She booked a consultation and then decided to book her hair transplant at the Nordic Hair Clinic.

– I hadn’t really had time to get nervous in the days before and when I went to the Nordic Hair Clinic to have my hair transplant, I just felt a little nervous. When I was waiting in the waiting room before the operation, everything was so relaxed around me, so I felt that way too. What I wondered most was how the anaesthetic needles would feel,” says Camilla.

After the hair transplant

– The hair transplant itself went well. It was as I suspected, that it was only the first injections of anaesthetic that I felt a little, but then I felt nothing and just lay there. I was just looking forward to getting hair follicles where I didn’t have any,” says Camilla.

The first thing Camilla did when she got home was to check how it was going. She took some pictures with her mobile phone and sent them to her friends and family who knew she was having a hair transplant.

– They thought it was cool that I had done it. But my husband had expected it to look bloodier than it was, that you’d get big holes afterwards. So he just said, “well, it just looked like that. I guess it was no big deal.” People just think it’s cool that technology has come as far as it has, that you can do something like this. They were all happy for me.

hårtransplantation resultat

The shaving of the donation area

Having a hair transplant as a woman can raise concerns about having to shave the donor area. It was also something that Camilla thought about.

– For me, having long hair is part of feeling feminine. But I felt that the hair transplant was a long-term solution. I was used to hiding my temples, so I might as well hide part of the back of my head too. Just because I know it’s going to grow out, I still felt like it was something I could live with. Then I knew what I was getting into. I accepted that I will be short-haired on part of my head for a while, but it will grow out, says Camilla.

Camilla finds it very fun to follow the development of her hair after the hair transplant. She is used to having only baby hairs in the temples and now she has stubble there instead that is growing out. She describes the first few days after the hair transplant as going very quickly. It was easier than she thought to sleep sitting up.

– Even though you have to sleep half-sitting, I had plenty of pillows behind me and at my sides so I could still lie comfortably even though I was sitting up. I was comfortable in the uncomfortable,” says Camilla.

Camilla’s tips for those considering a hair transplant

Her advice to people thinking of having a hair transplant is to do some reading and go for a consultationand get an idea of what can be done.

– The consultation at Nordic Hair is free, so you have nothing to lose. If you have that chance, I think you should definitely take it. From the moment I booked the appointment on the phone to the moment I arrived for the consultation– which included my husband and daughter – the process felt very relaxed and calm. It was nice to know that I could always call or text Maggie, with whom I had the consultation. I have felt very comfortable throughout the process,” says Camilla.

– I’m glad I did it because I know it’s going to be great. It’s something that’s been really hard for me for so many years and to now know that in a year everything will be fine. You have nothing to lose from it.

For people who have had a transplant, she offers a few tips.

– Be patient. Take it easy, follow the advice. And have lots of pillows when you sleep,” says Camilla, laughing.

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