Consultation for PRP treatment

Before we begin PRP treatment, it is important to examine the patient to make sure the treatment can give the wanted results. If there are any limitations to consider, we will go through them and inform you about how they may affect the end result.

Woman has hair examined with micro camera at consultation

See what happens during a consultation

1. Health declaration

Immediately when a new person arrives at the clinic, they are required to complete a health declaration – a form with questions related to any illnesses, medications and other important information as we will try to determine why the person is losing hair during the consultation.

The health declaration is completed electronically on an iPad and only takes 3–4 minutes.

Digital health declaration on iPad

2. Your desires

Most people, of course, want more hair and thicker hair. We go through the patient’s desires and discuss reasonable expectations for the patient. At times it can be determined that a patient has lost too much hair for a PRP-treatment to be successful.

Hair growth cannot be recovered through PRP-treatment in areas that for example lack hair completely. In those cases, a hair transplant is required.

Woman looks at her thin hair in the mirror

3. Examination

We examine the hair with a micro camera to assess the state of the hair follicles and how the hair grows. It is important for us to see if the hair follicles have shrunk and how many hairs are in every follicle. From this we can plan out your treatment and see how many sessions are needed to get the best results.

It is also important for us to see if you have any skin changes, eczema or psoriasis, which may affect the results of the treatments.

The camera can be magnified by 50–200 times and has UV lighting so that we can see even the smallest details and can give you an accurate diagnosis.

Nordic Hair's hair specialist goes through before and after pictures at follow-up consultation

4. Book a PRP treatment

When we are done with the health declaration and the examination, we do an assessment of what a treatment would look like and how many treatments we believe the patient would need.

In some cases we also need to take samples to ensure that the patient does not suffer from iron insufficiency or has issues with the thyroid gland.

Thereafter we book treatment appointments in our system and send you, the patient, a confirmation of the appointments.

person cickles date in calendar