Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that affects 2-4% of the population in Sweden.

The disease has an inflammatory disease process that can affect both joints and the cardiovascular system.

The skin disease appears as raised red areas patched by skin covered with silvery scales.

To simplify the explanation of what happens in the skin, it’s a speeding up of the usual process of dead skin exfoliating and falling away.

This process is the same no matter where psoriasis occurs on the body.

prp mot psoriasis

PRP against psoriasis

PRP treatment has in some cases helped against the disease as the body’s platelets injected into the scalp heal the area.

If nothing else, our PRP treatment is effective in restarting hair growth if you have suffered from hair loss due to the disease.

Before we start any kind of treatment, it is important that you come for a consultationwith us first.

During a consultation, we can take a closer look at your hair and assess which treatment would be the most optimal for you.

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