What happens to the hair during a treatment?

When the hair follicle shrinks, which happens naturally with age, it stops producing as strong a strand of hair as it did before it started shrinking. The growth of hair strands is also slowed down.

This is a process that occurs gradually and is genetically predetermined. The function of PRP treatment is to fertilize the hair follicle.

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PRP increases the size of the hair follicle

PRP is the smallpox’s own platelets that are injected superficially into the scalp. Platelets are found in blood plasma and are growth factors that give a boost to the hair follicle.

When these growth factors are injected into the scalp, the hair follicle becomes stronger. If the hair follicle becomes stronger, it can start to produce a stronger hair strand and the hair is able to grow faster.

Since the hair follicle is genetically coded to shrink and produce a thinner strand of hair with age, PRP must be maintained to keep the results – similar to exercise.

If you stop exercising, you lose muscle size over time. Similarly with PRP – if you stop fattening the hair follicle, it will return to its previous size over time and then continue to shrink.


Number of treatments for best results

To get hair growth going with PRP, we recommend 3-4 treatments. If your hair has been thinning for a long time, or if you have a hair disease, you may need more treatments.

At the beginning of your treatment, you will have to go for treatment every 4 weeks. After that, it is enough to go for treatment every 6 months to maintain the results.

After your first 3 PRP treatments, the growth factors continue to work in your skin. Therefore, you only need to go for PRP treatment every six months after your first treatments.

How much does a PRP treatment cost?

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