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"I want to look like myself at my child's wedding"

Published: 2019-08-15

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Peter, 54 years old

Peter had a hair transplant because one of his children was getting married and he wanted to look more like himself at the wedding. For his hair transplant, he also chose to invest in more PRP treatments to speed up the results. What made Peter’s hair transplant difficult was that he had done a hair transplant before, using the FUT method, which had produced an unsuccessful result. We then had to do a body hair transplant on Peter.

– I had a hair transplant many years ago, but it was an old technique and it didn’t heal well. Over the years, I just kept losing hair. My daughter told me to come here. I met Maggie for a consultation and we went through what could be done with my hair and what results I could get,’ says Peter.

The operation was completed with a body hair transplant

– I didn’t have much hair left in my neck after the last operation. “We decided that I had enough good hair on my chest to do a body hair transplant,” says Peter.

A body hair transplant involves a hair technician drilling around each hair follicle on the chest and then moving the follicle to the transplant area on the head. Unlike the FUT method, the FUE method does not leave any scars. The hair from the chest works in the same way as when hair is taken from the neck. It is genetically encoded not to fall off and, once the hair follicles have grown in, the hair follicles begin to produce a normal growing hair.

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PRP treatment to speed up results

The operation was very successful and went smoothly. In order to get the fastest results possible, Peter invested in 2 extra PRP treatments on top of the 3 treatments included in the price when doing a hair transplant at one of our clinics in Sweden. It has really paid off in Peter’s case. Already after 4 months the hair has grown out considerably. He has also treated his neck scar with PRP to reduce its size, which has worked very well.

– The healing has gone very well. No problem. PRP has helped hair get started faster. It looks great already after 4 months and it will only get better. I’m looking forward to it,” says Peter.

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