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Are you curious about how a hair transplant or PRP treatment works? Follow our customers before, during and after their procedure/treatment and take part in their experience with us!

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Pernilla lost her hair for the first time when she was 17 years old. At the time, no one knew what caused her sudden hair loss, but her hair grew back after a year. Three years later, Pernilla lost all her hair again and this time the hair didn't seem to want to grow back.

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Adam, 32 years old

At first, Adam was sceptical that the treatment would work, but that quickly changed. He saw results already after his second treatment and he thinks his hair has improved significantly, especially at the front of the hairline.

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Jonna, 31 years old

Jonna works as a hairdresser and heard about Nordic Hair Clinic from one of her clients. She decided to try a PRP treatment for her own hair because the results she had seen in the past with her clients who had PRP were very good.

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Hasnaa, 32 years old

6 years ago Hasnaa lost a lot of hair and lost her hair after her pregnancy after she had her third child, and since then her hair has not recovered. She has tried several medications and vitamins that have not yielded any results.

Kvinnlig hårtransplantation

Ida, 21 years old

Ida had a hair transplant at our clinic in Stockholm. She transplanted 1,500 grafts to fill out her hairline, making it lower and smoother.


Malin, 32 years old

When Malin was around 25 years old, she discovered that she was starting to have more prominent temples, especially on one side. We decided to transplant 1250 grafts to even out Malin's hairline.

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