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Are you curious about how a hair transplant or PRP treatment works? Follow our customers before, during and after their procedure/treatment and take part in their experience with us!

Tommy, 35 years old

A hair transplant was the only solution where Tommy could both keep his hair and continue his cancer treatment.

Kushtrim, 29 years old

29-year-old Kushtrim decided to have a hair and beard transplant to even out his hairline and grow a thicker beard.

Christer, 39 years old

Christer has always had a full head of hair but began to notice that it was becoming thinner and the idea of a hair transplant struck him.

Carl-Johan, 37 years old

When Carl-Johan noticed that his tempes were starting to creep upwards and that his hair was getting thinner, he finally decided to do something about it.


Jonathan, 35 years old

Jonathan started losing hair at an early age. He desperately tried various treatments to slow down hair loss. When nothing helped, he decided to have a hair transplant.

sanna kundberättelse

Sanna, 26 years old

Sanna works as a hairdresser and her hair is important to her. A friend of hers told me about PRP as a treatment for hair loss.

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