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Are you curious about how a hair transplant or PRP treatment works? Follow our customers before, during and after their procedure/treatment and take part in their experience with us!

hårtransplantation patrik


Patrick, 47 years old

Patrick hasn't had a choice when it comes to his hairstyle for a very long time. Creating a hairstyle he wants is something he misses. He searched for a solution and found that a hair transplant was what he needed.

Julia Franzén hårtransplantation


Julia, 31 years old

Julia Franzén noticed that her temples were starting to creep upwards and realised that she was getting her father's hairline. When she was aimlessly scrolling on Instagram and saw that more women are correcting their hairline with us, Julia decided to have a hair transplant.


Asta, 43 years old

Asta lost a lot of her hair after undergoing a tough childbirth. After trying lots of different methods and treatments with no results, she decided to have a hair transplant.


Lucas, 21 years old

Lucas taking testosterone at age 17 to stimulate a beard growth. But when he stopped taking hormones, the density of his beard stagnated and he decided on a permanent solution.

Hårtransplantation resultat


Iman, 41 years old

After about a month after Iman got sick with Corona, he noticed that he started losing more and more hair. To give his hair a proper boost, he will now undergo three PRP treatments over three weeks.

thilda resultat



Thilda developed childhood rheumatism when she was 12 years old and was treated with chemotherapy. This caused her hair to go from thick and long to short and thin.

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