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"I think everyone needs to be a little more open about their hair loss"

Published: 2022-02-02

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Carl-Johan, 37 years old

The fact that Carl-Johan has travelled all the way from Luleå to our clinic in Kungsholmen is not noticeable when he walks in. Carl-Johan is beaming as he enters the visiting room and you can see he is looking forward to starting the operation.

Today he works at Luleå basketball and is active in many different projects, including women’s rights issues. Together with a hair specialist, he decided to replenish the hair in his temples with 2,500 grafts.

– Both my mum and dad have good hair but I’ve always had thinner hair and when my temples crept up I started thinking about it more and more. Today it’s something I think about every day when I look in the mirror,” says Carl-Johan.

“Now I’m going to take an extra good look in the mirror”

Many people who come to us want a tighter hairline. Usually we solve this by filling in the temples.

When we draw the new hairline on Carl-Johan, he has a big smile on his face.

It will be very exciting to make this journey, says Carl-Johan.

Follow Carl-Johan as he does his hair transplant!

– Now I feel proud and happy to have finally made the decision and to have done it,” says Carl-Johan.

The final result will be best seen in approx. 12 months. Carl-Johan has also done PRP treatments to speed up the healing process and increase hair growth. There are always 4 PRP treatments included when you have a hair transplant with us.

Free consultation

The journey towards better hair and a hair transplant always starts with a consultation.

During the consultation, we will inform you about the procedure while going through your wishes and looking at your conditions to get a really natural and good result.

Together we’ll also map out where your new hairlinewill sit.

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