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"If it continues like this, I might have to shave my hair off"

Published: 2018-12-15

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Brian, 50 years old

Brian is a software engineer who moved to Sweden from Ireland 25 years ago. His hairlinebegan to creep upwards in his 20s. However, it wasn’t until Brian recently stood on stage and saw himself in bright light that the thought struck him. Maybe it was time to do something about her hair loss.

– I’m a stand-up comedian in my spare time and when I saw myself in that light, I didn’t feel like I had any hair at all up there,” says Brian. When I looked closer, I thought, my God, if this keeps up, I might have to shave my hair off.


Following an article on hair transplantation, Brian booked a consultation

During the summer, Brian saw an article about hair transplantation in the magazine at Nordic Hair Clinic. A seed was planted and he started searching for more articles and videos. This resulted in a wow feeling – you could actually do something about hair loss. Brian booked a consultation to confirm that he was a good candidate.

– Afterwards I thought about it for a while and I thought my girlfriend would be a bit sceptical but she was actually incredibly supportive. Then I felt that I really wanted to do this. Her colleague actually has a brother who had a transplant with you, so I got to talk to him. He had been to four different clinics and it was without competition Nordic Hair Clinic that was the most reliable after a thorough research. It was now five months since he had his hair transplant and he was very happy to see progress already.


The long-lasting results made the operation seem affordable

Brian got a good impression from the above conversation and for him this was the deciding factor when he decided on Nordic Hair Clinic. The before and after pictures on the website were also very convincing. He adds with a laugh that this is a perfect adventure to do ahead of the 50-year crisis.

-“I thought, why not, because I’m going to be living with this for hopefully more than 30 more years. My ex-wife spends an incredible amount of money every year on treatments that don’t even last, so when you think about it from that perspective, it’s not really that much money.

All in all, a hair transplant was no more work than going to the dentist

Before the actual hair transplant, Brian was a little nervous, but it went well and he’s glad he hardly felt a thing during the anaesthetic. It was really no worse than going to the dentist. Apart from swelling under his eyes a week later, he is very satisfied with Nordic Hair Clinic and highly recommends a hair transplant here.

hårtransplantation resultat

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