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"It's not as scary as you think"

Published: 2019-08-07

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Stephen contacted Nordic Hair Clinic for a beard transplant. He was not happy with his current beard growth and wanted to fill out his beard. A beard transplant involves taking hair follicles from the neck and creating channels in the skin where the follicle is then inserted. Once the hair follicle has grown in, the hair grows like a normal beard.

– I contacted Nordic Hair Clinic because I get very bad with beard growth and I like the look of having a beard. You look a bit more masculine with a beard and for a long time it has been very popular to have a beard. I also know a lot of friends who have bad beard growth. I want to be an inspiration to them that something can be done about it,” says Stephen.

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The journey begins with a consultation in Sweden

He contacted the clinic in Stockholm and booked an appointment with our hair specialist. At the consultation, his questions were answered and we examined his beard and the donor area in the neck where hair follicles are taken from and concluded that Stephen was a good candidate for a beard transplant.

– Before, I had done a lot of research while considering whether or not to have a beard transplant. It felt very good at the consultation,” says Stephen.

Stephen decided to have his beard transplant at our clinic in Istanbul after the consultation in Sweden. He made an appointment and flew down there.

– It went very smoothly. I was never alone when I was there because there was always someone I could ask if I had any questions. From the moment I arrived at the airport to the moment I arrived at the clinic, I was treated well, given good information and I felt very safe.

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1 PRP treatment included in the fixed price in Istanbul

After the beard transplant, we recommend PRP treatment to help the transplant area heal better and for a finer result. 1 PRP treatment is included in the price if you have your beard transplant at our clinic in Istanbul. Stephen also added 2 extra PRP treatments on top of that to get the best possible results and stimulate hair growth faster.

By Stephen’s third PRP treatment, the post-procedure redness had subsided. Some hair has fallen off, which is a normal part of the healing process. The hair follicle remains under the skin and will eventually start to produce a strand of hair. The final result can be seen 12 months after a beard transplant.

– I look forward to when everything is healed and I have a beard. For those who are hesitating about having a beard transplant or thinking about it, I would recommend that you do some research beforehand. It’s not as scary as you think. It didn’t hurt. You’ll feel better and you’ll get great results,” says Stephen.

– I would recommend anyone looking to have a beard transplant, or a hair transplant for that matter, to come here. The service is very good, everyone is very knowledgeable. Everything has gone very well.

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