Better beard growth from PRP treatments

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2021-12-14

Do you want your beard to grow better, thicker and stronger? PRP treatment may be the solution.

PRP treatmentstimulates hair growth, slows hair loss and increases the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. When beard growth is treated with PRP, the beard grows more and faster. This is because the growth factors signal the stem cells around each hair to increase the production of hair cells. Which means more building blocks for every hair.

What happens to the hair during a PRP treatment?

PRP treats existing hair follicles

During a consultation, we will examine your beard and determine if PRP treatment would be a suitable treatment for you based on your circumstances. For PRP to work on the beard, there must be hair follicles to treat. PRP does not create new hair follicles, it treats your existing hair follicles. During a consultation, we can sometimes examine your beard with a microcamera to determine where there are hair follicles that can be treated with PRP. If you are missing hair follicles in the area you want to treat, a beard transplant is a better solution.

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Man undergoes PRP treatment on his transplanted beard
After a beard transplant, all our patients receive post-treatment with PRP to stimulate healing and hair growth of the newly transplanted beard.

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