How does hair grow after a hair transplant?

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2022-04-01

Are you wondering when you can see the results of ahair transplant? Or when it is no longer visible that you have undergone the procedure?

Exactly whenhair starts to grow after a hair transplant is individual but there are a number of phases in the process you can relate to.

In this article we will go through how the resultsof a hair transplant usually develop month by month.


The first two weeks

The first two weeks are critical. How you care for the transplanted area during this period can determine the final outcome. Therefore, it is extremely important that you follow our aftercareinstructions.

The day after the procedure, scabs will have formed in the area to which the hair follicles have been transplanted. If you follow our instructions, these will usually heal after 7-14 days.

Tommy’s hair 1 week after his hair transplant

The first three months

After 2 weeks, the scabs should have healed. By now, it may look like hair has already started to grow on the transplanted area. Some swelling and redness may still be visible.

Carl-Johan’s hair 2 weeks after his hair transplant

The hair that first grew in the transplanted area will fall off during the first 8-9 weeks. This is because the hair that was in the hair follicle before the transplant does not survive the procedure.

You may therefore feel that something is wrong. But don’t worry about this – it’s a natural part of the process. The hair follicle releases the existing hair shaft but remains under the skin. New hairs are on their way!

Simon’s hair 2 months after his hair transplant

After 3 months

After three months, the worst is over. This is when the hair follicles should start producing new hairs. You will experience noticeable new hair growth by the sixth month.

Enjoy! Your new hairstyle is well on its way.

Ida’s hair 3 months after her hair transplant

After 6 months

After 6 months, you will experience continued new hair growth and thicker, fuller hair. Depending on the length of the rest of your hair,it will no longer be visible that you have undergone a hair transplant.

This transition lasts until the 12th-18th month, when the final result appears.

Ida’s hair 6 months after her hair transplant

The process is individual

Don’t be discouraged if your hair doesn’t follow this timeline to the letter.

Some see a clear result earlier than others. In some cases, it can take up to 6 months before the new hair even startsto grow.


We accompany you on your journey

If you feel uncertain about how your hair transplant will turn out – don’t worry. We take good care of you and we are always here for you in case of any questions or concerns.

If you do a hair transplant with us, we always include three follow-up appointments spread out over 12 months after the procedure. During the follow-ups, we will go over what you can expect in the future and how the healing has gone. It also allows us to document the process.

Through continuous imaging and documentation, we can clearly see (and show) how your hair transplant is progressing. Many of our customers find it interesting and helpful to see a gradual change in their new hair.


Are you thinking about doing a hair transplant?

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