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"When does hair start to grow after a hair transplant?"

Published: 2019-02-17

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Adrian, 35 years old

Adrian was 34 years old when he had his hair transplant in Stockholm with us and now, a year after the procedure, he can feel satisfied with his final result. But it’s been a long road.

The healing process was difficult for him appearance-wise and it took a long time for Adrian’s hair to start growing after the hair transplant. He felt very anxious about the outcome, even though he knew it takes time for the hair to start growing again.

– I noticed quite early that my hairline started to creep upwards. I remember starting Rogainewhen I was still living at home, so my hair loss has been going on for many years. At the time, it seemed like a big deal to do a hair transplant. This was also quite a long time ago, before the FUE method,” says Adrian.

Adrian’s hair loss went on for 20 years

Adrian’s hair loss, like most people with hereditary hair loss, went on for many years. The hair gradually thinned for 20 years before Adrian had enough and felt it was time to do something about it. Rogaine had not produced the results he wanted and he had only used it occasionally.

Adrian lived near our clinic in Stockholm and booked a consultation to meet our hair specialist, Maggie Stolt.

– I’m the kind of person who thinks plastic surgery is a big deal. I’ve never done anything like this before so for me this was a big deal and I was very nervous. But I thought I could at least go for a consultation. At the consultation, Maggie informed me that I might only need to do 1,500 grafts. Suddenly it didn’t feel like such a big deal. I just felt like I was fixing the hairline a bit,” says Adrian.

After his consultation, Adrian decided to wait a few weeks so that he could have time to think. So he took the opportunity to read as much as he could about hair transplants to feel prepared for how the procedure would go. Eventually, he booked a transplant appointment with us and his journey to more hair began.

The procedure was easier than he thought

Adrian’s hair transplant involved lowering his hairline, which had thinned over the years and was slowly moving upwards. We also filled in his temples. It all came down to 1,500 grafts, 1,500 groups of hair follicles that were moved from his donor area in the neck and inserted into the new hairline.

After the hair transplant – It took time for the hair to start growing

Today, Adrian is happy with his hair transplant, but he found the first month after his operation very difficult. He stayed home from work for the first 2 weeks and, after the first critical days when nothing is allowed to disturb the hair follicles while they are growing, Adrian wore a hat constantly.

– Not going to lie, there were a few weeks at the beginning that were really hard for me. But in retrospect, it was definitely worth it. There were no problems with pain during the healing period, it was more that it didn’t look very nice. The first 4 weeks I tried to stay inside because I didn’t think it looked good. I was off work for 2 weeks after the hair transplant and tried to work from home,” says Adrian.

Finally the final result after 12 months

After a hair transplant, you cannot expect to see results immediately. It takes time for hair to start growing and for many people, hair is lost before the hair follicles come back to life. However, this does not mean that the transplanted hair follicles are not still under the skin. They do.

The turning point for many people is usually after 6 months, but the final result of their procedure cannot be seen until 12 months after the operation. PRP treatment can speed up the process somewhat which is why we always offer 3 PRP treatments in the priceof a hair transplant. If you have a hair transplant in Istanbul, only 1 PRP treatment is included in the price.

– The time after was quite hard for me. It took several months for the new hair to start growing. I was very worried even though Maggie said it takes time for the hair growth to get started. Even when I read online, it said that others had experienced the same thing. Actually, you shouldn’t look so closely the first time, but you do. But despite my worries, it turned out very well in the end. It’s really hard to wait. But you have to do it and it will be good,” says Adrian.

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