Dermaroller - skinroller for hair

Dermaroller, also known as skin roller, is a form of microneedling. This is a dermatological needle roller for the treatment of hair and skin.

The needles of a skin roller set in motion natural processes in the body that, among other things, improve hair growth, rejuvenate the skin, and treat scarring and wrinkles.

This can be used at home and is a treatment that gives long-term results. It is therefore considered an accessible, effective and relatively non-invasive skin treatment.


How does a dermaroller work?

The tiny needles puncture the skin and create a controlled skin damage in the form of micro-channels. The puncture triggers the body’s healing process, which in turn activates growth factors and increases blood circulation.

The affected surface also begins to produce more collagen – a natural fibrous protein that provides structure, firmness and resistance to abrasion.

Research has found that skin and hair treated continuously can lead to a 400% increase in collagen production.

Treatment with skin rollers also improves the absorption of preparations such as Minoxidil(Rogaine and Recrea).

A skin roller is often used as a delivery system to maximise the effect of substances applied to the skin or scalp during treatment.

How to use

How do you use a Dermaroller?

It is used by gently rolling it over the desired area of skin or hair. It is sufficient to perform 1-2 strokes – up and down – on the same area.

Be careful when using at home as care and aftercare is required during use.

We strongly recommend using this after a PRP treatment. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and makes the result better.

Dermaroller for a thicker beard

If you want a thicker beard, a skin roller could be for you.

A skin roller is often used for increased beard growth. The principle is the same – controlled skin damage contributes to increased collagen production and activates the growth factors in your facial hair.

Frequently asked questions and answers about Dermaroller

How to clean a Dermaroller?

Cleaning is done with ethyl alcohol or similar products, both before and after each use. Leave it in the alcohol for a few minutes.

How long does a Dermaroller last?

With continuous use (4 times a week), a Dermaroller will last approximately 2-3 months. After that, the needles become dull and a new one should be purchased.

How often should I use a Dermaroller?

For best results, we recommend that you use a Dermaroller around 4 times a week.

What length should the needles of a Dermaroller be?

It depends on the area where you use it. The more bald the surface, the shorter the needle you should use. We recommend 0.3 mm for flat skin and up to 1 mm for surfaces with hair.

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