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Other solutions to prevent hair loss

Although the majority of the adult population suffers from hair loss and thinning hair, there are few good solutions. One reason is that hair loss and thinning hair is not classified as a disease anywhere in the world. It’s just a part of life.

If there is no disease, pharmaceutical companies will not invest money to develop a cure. Today, there are only two approved drugs – Finasterideand Minoxidil. In addition to these and PRP treatments, there are a few other solutions that can sometimes work to some extent.

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Laser treatment

A professional hair laser can often help to stimulate hair growth.

Laser treatments are about raising the energy level in cells and work in much the same way as the photosynthesis process in nature. Sunlight contains all types of light, but it is the energy from red light that plants convert, together with carbon dioxide and water, into carbohydrates (building blocks) and oxygen.

In the body, it works in the same way and a laser treatment also uses the red light, 650nm. Mitochondria are a component of cells and are often referred to as the powerhouse of the cell. They play a major role in metabolism and it is in the mitochondria that nutrients and oxygen are converted into energy. These tiny components also control how cells divide.

The light activates the mitochondria and triggers cell division. More cells means more building blocks for each hair, which build up, become stronger and have the energy to grow longer.

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Microneedle roller is a dermatological needle roller for the treatment of the scalp. The tiny needles trigger the natural processes in the body that lead to improved hair growth. Growth factors are activated and blood circulation increases.

Needle roller treatment also improves the absorption of preparations such as minooxidil (Rogaine and Recrea) that are rubbed into the scalp.

The needles are available in different lengths but we recommend 0.3 mm or 0.5 mm. If used three times a week, the roller will last approximately 3-5 months. After that, the needles have become blunt or dull.

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At Nordic Hair Clinic, we do not offer laser treatments or needle rollers to help increase hair growth.

That’s because we want to offer our customers the best solution to hair loss – and that’s PRP treatment.

PRP is the most effective treatment for increasing hair growth and reducing hair loss.

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