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Stress and hair loss

Losing hair and thinning hair due to stress is a well-known fact – but what causes it?

Every day we lose about 100 hairs. It’s rare to lose more hair than that from ordinary everyday stress, as long as you’re not burnt out or have symptoms of exhaustion.

Extreme stress over a long period of time or the type of stress that is classified as a trauma to the body can cause hair loss. Hair loss caused by trauma occurs many months after the event itself.

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Physical or psychological trauma affects the hair

The body equates extreme stress with physical or psychological trauma. It can be a stress caused by childbirth, illness, an operation, grief or depression, for example.

The trauma causes the growth phases of the hair to change. When something makes its mark inside the body in this way, the body can react by shutting down the production of hair and putting the hair follicles into sleep mode. When the hair follicles are put to rest, it normally takes 2-3 months for the hair to fall out.

This means that you can lose hair 2-3 months after a trauma – but it can also take up to 6 months.

With stress-related hair loss, we lose many more hairs than usual in a short period of time, leading to a noticeable difference.

Hair loss occurs several months after

Since the period when the body was exposed to high stress happened a long time ago, it can be difficult to link the hair loss to that moment. Many people come to us wondering why they are losing more hair than usual even though nothing special has happened that week.

But if we dig deeper, we can often link it to a situation that has been traumatic for the body – psychologically or physically.

Once the hair has fallen off, it usually eventually returns to its normal growth phase. This can be accelerated with PRP treatments, which accelerate the growth of the hair.

Many people think it’s everyday stress that affects their hair, but it’s actually what happened six months ago that matters.

You don’t lose more hair because you brush your hair

When you experience a lot of hair loss in a short period of time, many people feel afraid to touch their hair. But it’s important to remember that the hair that falls off is already dead – it would have fallen off regardless. It’s not that more hair falls off because you brush it, for example.

Ordinary stress is not dangerous. But when people lose a lot of hair for no apparent reason, it’s usually related to a heavy, traumatic stress on the body. Because the trauma happened many months ago, it is often difficult to link your hair loss to it.

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