World-leading technology - Let a robot fix your hair!

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Author: Jacob Lagercrantz

Published: 2021-12-16

The robot ‘Artas’ performs a hair transplant in Istanbul. It may sound a bit like science fiction that a robot can perform an operation on a patient, but it works just fine. It takes a little longer, costs a little more but the end result is very nice and the healing is fast.

The robot extracted 2,000 grafts from the neck. It has a laser sensor that “sees” all the hair follicles growing in the skin – the robot even looks a little inside the skin. This allows it to see how the hair follicle is growing and whether the hair follicles are of sufficient size and quality. The robot selects only the best hair follicles and does almost no damage when extracting the follicles.

The hairline and the area on top of the head where the hair follicles would be implanted were then locally anaesthetised. Artas, as the robot is called, then started preparing where all the hair follicles would sit. It read the skin and made small “channels” in the skin where the hair follicles would then be tucked in. After about 45 minutes, all channels were made. Because the robot can “see” all the hairs in the skin, it does not damage any existing hair follicles down in the skin.

The planting of the plucked hair follicles was then done manually and the procedure took a total of six hours. Fast, smooth and perfect results.

We have not yet implemented Artas in any of our clinics, but we are following developments with excitement.

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