Local anesthesia

From a medical point of view, a hair transplant is not a major operation. There is therefore no need to sedate the customer. We locally assess the area to be treated.

It will take a few minutes to numb the area and it will sting a little in the meantime. First, we mark on the skin the area to be treated and where the local anaesthetic should be applied. Then we wash the area with iodine. We want a clean skin surface without bacteria to minimise the risk of dirt going down the sting.

We then inject the local anaesthetic, which consists of two different preparations: fast-acting Carbocain and long-acting Marcain. The short-acting preparation allows us to start the procedure immediately and the long-acting one allows the effect to last even after the procedure has been performed.

When we apply the anaesthetic, we massage the skin, so the anaesthetic spreads faster. It takes about three minutes before the whole area is stunned. Most people find the anaesthetic the most unpleasant part of the operation. They find it stings, but most find the pain bearable.

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