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6 common myths about hair loss

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Author: Rebecca Lampi

Published: 2021-12-14

There is a long list of myths when it comes to hair loss. Many thoughts and ideas are discussed about the things we do on a daily basis that can cause permanent damage to the scalp. We can state that hair loss, especially in men, is usually hereditary. But what everyday habits are thought to cause hair loss?

In this article, we reveal the truth behind the most common myths about losing hair.

1. “Straightening or curling hair causes hair loss”

It is proven that straightening and curling the hairdoes not causes permanent hair loss. Absolutely, you can cause unnecessary wear and tear to your hair with too much use of a flat iron or curling iron. Enough so that it becomes brittle and breaks off. But hair loss is not a sign that you are actually losing your hair. It’s growing out again!

Tips! Remember not to heat-treat your hair too often and use heat protection if you want the best possible hair quality.


2. “You inherit your hair loss from your mother”

Believing in this is classic. But it’s not true! Absolutely, hair loss is often hereditary but there is no proof that you always inherit it from your mother. For example, two brothers may have different hair quality, suffer from hair loss at different times in their lives and have different degrees of hair loss. Thus, one must conclude that this is a myth.


3. “You lose hair or get higher temples from putting your hair in a bun”

Like the use of heat tools, tightly knotted hairstyles can wear hair down. But having your hair in a ponytail or braid for a few days here and there will not cause hair loss. However, if you have a noticeably tight knot very often (e.g. daily for long periods), you can permanently damage your scalp. But it will take a lot more – so don’t worry.

The best thing to do is to keep your hair relatively loose so as not to damage the hair quality or scalp too much.


4. “Wearing headgear like a cap every day makes you lose your hair”

Of course, hair needs oxygen to grow properly. But hair follicles draw oxygen from the blood, not from the air around you. Det är därför du kan behålla din hatt på!

A headgear creates friction on the head that nips at the hair but will never cause permanent hair loss. However, as with other abrasions, hair quality can deteriorate.


5. “You lose your hair by using too much wax or other hair products”

There is no evidence that wax or other hair products cause hair loss. The origin of the myth may come from the fact that products like wax easily pull hairs off the scalp when applied. When all those hairs go with the water when you shower, it can feel like you’re losing hair. But this does not mean that it caused hair loss.

The wax in question won’t harm your hair follicles in any way either. So style your hair as much as you want! It’s all right. You can read more about male pattern baldness here.


6. “Hair vitamins work when it comes to increased hair growth”

If you suffer from a vitamin or iron deficiency, certain hair vitamins can improve the quality of your hair. However, they cannot give you more hair. No vitamin can restore hair that has disappeared. Sorry!

It’s not a bad thing to take hair vitamins – it doesn’t hurt. However, if you want more hair in a specific area, a hair transplant is the first option.

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